Striped Shimmer Sweater
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Striped Shimmer Sweater

Yesterday I had a snow day and was off from work. It was a good thing too because I was scrambling to figure out what to wear to work. If you want to skip my story, then just scroll down for my outfit details. Otherwise, keep reading!

So what happened was on Sunday evening when the snow started to really come down, I was at my parents’ house. I was there for a birthday dinner (my dad and brother). We originally had dinner reservations but the snow storm was poised to hit around dinner time so we decided to order our food to go so that we’d be done eating quicker and could head home. With the news reports all saying the snow would be piling up over night it seemed likely I wouldn’t have school/work. With that and since my brother was actually in town, I decided to stay over night at my parents’ house so that he could park in our garage and our driveway could be plowed. Our development plows the driveways, but obviously not if a car is parked in it. So I went home real quick to pack an overnight bag and grab my work bag in case I did have work. The snow was really coming down and the salt trucks were all out. I got back to my parents’ house just in time for dinner only to realize, I didn’t pack clothes for work! Only pajamas and lounge-wear for the snow day that I thought we’d have! I got a text message from school while I was eating dinner saying we’d be having a delayed opening. I dug through my old closet looking for clothes. I knew I had sweaters here, but I wasn’t sure if I had pants. I found pants that fit and I was incredibly relieved! Of course, it was still nice to wake up to a call at 6:30 that school was closed for the day.

Okay, now that my long story is over, let’s look at this striped shimmer sweater I wore on Saturday. I love the long trio of stripes across this sweater and how it continues on down the sleeves. The bright orange, white, and teal make a great combo against the taupe sweater. It’s hard to tell, but there is a shimmer in this sweater thanks to a delicate gold thread throughout. It adds a really nice detail in person, though hard to spot on camera.

Striped Shimmer SweaterStriped Shimmer Sweater 1Striped Shimmer Sweater 2Striped Shimmer Sweater 3Striped Shimmer Sweater 4Striped Shimmer Sweater 5Striped Shimmer Sweater 6Striped Shimmer Sweater 7Striped Shimmer Sweater 8Striped Shimmer Sweater 9Striped Shimmer Sweater 10Striped Shimmer Sweater 11Striped Shimmer Sweater 12Striped Shimmer Sweater 13

Sweater:Β Vici (here) | Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s |Β Boots: Sorel

The shimmer is really pretty in person but as mentioned above it’s very subtle. The subtlety of it is nice so it makes the sweater still casual and not too sparkly. Also, this sweater is so soft so you know I love it! The shimmer, stripes, and coziness make this sweater one of my new favs!

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