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Foodie Diary: Georgia

As many of you already know, I just came home from a long weekend in Georgia visiting family outside Atlanta. Since I am off for spring break, I went down on Friday and came home on Tuesday. I’ve been to Georgia many times over the years so my time there is mostly just hanging out with friends and family and lots of eating. There are always new restaurants opening near my cousins and since my cousin has a food instagram she always knows good places to go. I have at least 1 other food post from Georgia, if not more. Before this post gets too long, let me jump right in and share some photos of things I ate and where I ate them!

On my first night in town, my cousin made a panzanella salad, steak, and fondue. I had told her weeks ago that I wanted fondue since the Melting Pot near me closed. So yummy! And since it was my cousin’s husband’s birthday, she also made a pineapple upside down cake which I love and have been meaning to try to make myself.

Cheese Fondue & Panzanella SaladFondue + Steak + Panzanella Salad

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

The next morning, my cousin brought back some seriously cute Easter donuts from Scream’n NutsI liked that they weren’t overly sweet.

Scream'n Nuts - easter donutsScream'n Nuts - easter donuts 1

A stop at the mall gave us a chance to stop at Kokee Tee where I got the lychee and rose slushee with lychee jelly.

Kokee Bubble Tea 1

That night we went to South Main Kitchen for my cousin’s husband’s birthday dinner with some of their friends. We all shared two orders of the Brussels Sprouts which were really tasty and I ordered the Salmon as my entree which was also delicious.

South Main Kitchen - Brussels SproutsSouth Main Kitchen - Salmon

Then it was Easter Sunday! We went to Lapeer Seafood Market for lunch. My cousin and I were both torn between the Shrimp Roll and the Chili-Garlic Shrimp with Brown Rice so we decided to get both and share. They were both so good, but I think the rice was my favorite because some of the rice was crispy and I liked the crunch.

Lapeer Seafood MarketLapeer - Shrimp RollLapeer - Chili-Garlic Shrimp & Brown RiceLapeer - Chili-Garlic Shrimp & Brown Rice 1

After lunch, we all went to Jeni’s Ice Cream and sat on the patio by the little fire pit to keep warm from the cool wind. I got a half scoop of honey vanilla and a half scoop of brown butter almond brittle.

Jeni's Ice CreamJeni's Ice Creams - Honey Vanilla & Brown Butter Almond Brittle

For dinner, my friend and her husband took me out to The Foundation Social Eatery where we shared the Mushroom Ravioli and Crisp Spanish Octopus for appetizers and I ordered the Herb Roasted Chicken for my meal. I also got the Vanilla Pot de Creme for dessert which is served with braised cherries on top.

Foundation Social Eatery - Mushroom Ravioli & OctopusFoundation Social Eatery - appetizersFoundation Social Eatery - Herb Roasted ChickenFoundation Social Eatery - Vanilla Pot de Creme

And I also took some photos of my friends’ food too!

My friend got the Beef Short Rib “Sugo” and the Carrot Cheesecake for dessert. Her husband got the chicken like me, but for dessert he got the Death by Chocolate Cake.

Beef Short Rib SugoFoundation Social Eatery - Carrot CheesecakeFoundation Social Eatery - Death by Chocolate Mousse

For lunch on Monday, we went to Rumi’s Kitchena Persian restaurant. They brought out pita bread and a plate of mint leaves, olives, feta, radishes, and nuts. We ordered the dolmeh which are minced beef stuffed grape leaves. My cousin and I shared lunch again since we couldn’t decide. We shared the Falafel Sandwich and Mini Chicken Wraps, which weren’t really wraps as they were on a sort of flat bread, but they were really flavorful nonetheless. For dessert, I ordered Baklava and my cousin’s husband ordered the Persian Ice Cream Sandwich. We didn’t know – and the menu didn’t specify – that the desserts would be so big!

Rumi's Kitchen 2Rumi's Kitchen 1Rumi's KitchenRumi's Kitchen - Dolmeh

Rumi's Kitchen - Falafel SandwichRumi's Kitchen - Mini Chicken WrapsRumi's Kitchen - baklavaRumi's Kitchen - Persian Ice Cream Sandwich

For my last lunch in town, we went to Pure Taqueria. I’ve been here before but I don’t remember what I ordered. This time we shared the Queso Fundido Con Chorizo which came with corn tortillas. I ordered the Burrito Ahogado with chipotle chicken.

Pure Taqueria - appetizersPure Taqueria - Queso Fundido Con ChorizoPure Taqueria - Burrito Ahogado

And those are the highlights of my food adventures this past weekend (and some days)! Until next time, Georgia!

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