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    Estée Lauder – Perfectly Clean

    Last year I stopped used makeup remover wipes (except for when I’m traveling – for convenience). I had read a lot about how those wipes can dry out your skin so I switched to oils and liquid removers. It’s better for your skin, plus it makes me feel like I’m helping the environment by not filling my garbage with wipes. Anyway, the two oils I’ve been using the past year are the Clinique’s Take the Day Off  and Mac’s Cleanse Off Oil. I wanted to switch things up when I was restocking recently and picked up the Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Triple Action/Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover.  First, let’s see how the product is…

  • Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil

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    Clinique Take off the Day Cleansing Oil

    We’ve all heard about how makeup wipes aren’t the greatest for our skin, but when I was finally convinced to stop using them (aside from when traveling or in a pinch) of course I had just bought a Costco pack of Neutrogena wipes that I wasn’t about to let go to waste. So after I finished those 114 wipes, I would finally be on my way to testing the waters of cleansing oils. The first cleansing oil I’m trying is the Clinique Take off the Day Cleansing Oil. Something I had to get used to is that you use cleansing oils on dry skin. It’s definitely a weird feeling at first to…