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Clinique Take off the Day Cleansing Oil

We’ve all heard about how makeup wipes aren’t the greatest for our skin, but when I was finally convinced to stop using them (aside from when traveling or in a pinch) of course I had just bought a Costco pack of Neutrogena wipes that I wasn’t about to let go to waste. So after I finished those 114 wipes, I would finally be on my way to testing the waters of cleansing oils.

The first cleansing oil I’m trying is the Clinique Take off the Day Cleansing Oil. Something I had to get used to is that you use cleansing oils on dry skin. It’s definitely a weird feeling at first to be “cleansing” your face when your skin is dry since you’re rubbing/massaging it into your face as if it were a normal face wash. But I quickly got used to it.

Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil
Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil 1
Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil 2

I put two pumps into my hand and then gently massage it into my face. If I look at my hands I usually can find bits of mascara and occasionally tiny bits of dry skin (tmi?). When I feel like I’ve done a thorough job, I rinse off my face and then follow up with a cleanser. My skin feels so clean afterwards! It actually feels even cleaner and better after using this cleansing oil then on days when I don’t wear any makeup and just use a cleanser. Crazy, right? This will last a long while too because if you look at the 2nd photo you can see that it looks like I’ve barely used any when in reality I’ve been using this regularly (almost every night except for days I haven’t worn any makeup whatsoever) for over a month. Over a month and it looks like I’ve used a tiny bit! I highly recommend this cleansing oil! When I finally finish this one I’m planning to try MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil, but I definitely plan to repurchase this Clinique gem. Any other suggestions?

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