• M&M Halloween Costume
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    M&M Halloween

    Over the years working at my school I have enjoyed putting different costumes together for Halloween with some coworkers. I’ve been the Instagram App when we all dressed as different apps, one year my friends and I were Pokemon Go trainers. I’ve been Thanksgiving when we did different holidays, Shark Week, Care Bears, and the list goes on. This year my friend and I decided to do something extremely easy – M&Ms! All we did was order M&M t-shirts from Amazon and that’s it. I was planning to wear white pants with the tee so that we’d look like the M&M characters – white long sleeve tee and white pants…

  • Winking Pumpkin Top
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    Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween! Are you dressing up for the day? Did you go out over the weekend? I went out with a few friends over the weekend and we completely forgot that it was Halloween weekend and everywhere we’d go would be packed with Halloween parties. We were definitely the only people not dressed up! We also got scared by a guy in the street who was standing outside a store as a tall bush. As we were walking I thought I saw the bush move out of the corner of my eye but when I did a double take I figured I must be imagining it because it wasn’t moving.…

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    Halloween Looks

    As promised in my photo challenge post earlier today, I’m back to share with you all my Halloween looks from today! One is a look I threw together with things I already owned – a shop my closet costume if you will. The other is a DIY costume that was part of a group costume. Last night, I chaperoned/helped out at the school dance. My friend and I decided a few days ago to go as cowgirls because it was easy to put together. We just needed jeans, boots, plaid shirts and bandanas. She also wore a cowboy hat. These cute cowboy boots were a gift from my bestie and…