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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Are you dressing up for the day? Did you go out over the weekend? I went out with a few friends over the weekend and we completely forgot that it was Halloween weekend and everywhere we’d go would be packed with Halloween parties. We were definitely the only people not dressed up! We also got scared by a guy in the street who was standing outside a store as a tall bush. As we were walking I thought I saw the bush move out of the corner of my eye but when I did a double take I figured I must be imagining it because it wasn’t moving. To be clear, this was a legit looking bush because even after we realized it was a person I still have no idea where the person’s face was. So anyway, we kept walking and then as we passed in front of the bush, he started walking towards us! I definitely wasn’t as scared as I probably would’ve been had I not thought I saw it moving a few seconds earlier. One of my friends did scream though!

For the past few years my friends and I have done group costumes for work. We’ve done Care Bears, Shark Week, holidays, apps, Pokemon Go Trainers and more. This year we didn’t plan in advance because we’ve been so busy and it’s really just me and 1 other friend this year so we’re just wearing pumpkin shirts. I bought this winking pumpkin top at Target a few weeks ago and I told my friend I’d be wearing it so if she wanted to be a pumpkin too she could pick up a top or make one. So that’s all we’re doing, which is fine – at least we’re doing something festive.

Winking Pumpkin Top
Winking Pumpkin Top 2
Winking Pumpkin Top 1

Cardigan: Express | Top: Target | Leggings: Apt. 9 via Kohl’s

I wore this outfit briefly over the weekend purely for photos for this blog post, #bloggerlife, but it’s exactly what I’m wearing today. This winking pumpkin top is sleeveless, so I’m wearing a black cardigan with it. I’m wearing black leggings with leather striping down the sides.

And to end this post, I’m sharing a throwback photo of me in kindergarten dressed as an angel. I have to say I love that halo! What a cute costume – a pretty white dress, wings, and a halo that isn’t just a headband but actually a ring that stood up above my head?!

Halloween - Angel Costume

This reminds me of the days I had so much fun trick or treating as a kid. Going out with a group of friends and family and going to all the houses in multiple neighborhoods. My mom always making me wear a jacket or a turtleneck under my costume, despite my protests. Jackets covered your costume! Cinderella didn’t wear a white turtleneck under her blue gown! But I guess most kids go through the same thing and it makes for good memories!

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


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