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As promised in my photo challenge post earlier today, I’m back to share with you all my Halloween looks from today! One is a look I threw together with things I already owned – a shop my closet costume if you will. The other is a DIY costume that was part of a group costume.

Last night, I chaperoned/helped out at the school dance. My friend and I decided a few days ago to go as cowgirls because it was easy to put together. We just needed jeans, boots, plaid shirts and bandanas. She also wore a cowboy hat.


These cute cowboy boots were a gift from my bestie and this costume was the perfect occasion for me to break them out.


Yes, that’s hay all over the hallway floor! My friend, aka the fellow cowgirl, was the advisor for the dance and did an awesome job! What was more amazing was that we, with the help of about 20 kids, cleaned up all the hay at lightning speed at the end of the dance.

IMG_2027 IMG_2031

Moving on to today, a group of us decided to make t-shirts for a group costume. 2 years ago a few of us were Carebears. Last year, we were Shark Week. This year, we decided to be iPhone apps! I called Instagram and got to work with making my shirt. I bought a tee and felt from Michaels and sewed it together. It took me longer than expected. Stitching things onto a t-shirt is no joke. Also, for some reason I always tend to get the bright idea to start a craft late at night so I was up pretty late getting this done last weekend.

_MG_3831 _MG_3833

_MG_3836 _MG_3838

_MG_3840 _MG_3841

The lens was a little bit off center, but at 2am and after sticking myself with the sewing needle so many times I was not about to take that off and fix it.

Here’s the finished look for today!

IMG_2034 IMG_2036

It bunched up a little on the sides since I’m not as wide as the t-shirt width and I measured it out according to the t-shirt and not myself – oops. But, I think it came out great and our group costume was a hit at school!

And if you are looking for any last minute Halloween outfits for a late Halloween party or just to stock up for next year, check out Lookbook Store’s sale on Halloween and fall items!

Hope you all have/had a fun and safe Halloween!


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