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October Favorites

I’ve toyed around with the idea of doing a monthly favorites post for a little while now. I never thought I would have enough favorites of one category of things to share. So instead I decided that I’d write about some of my favorites from all different categories. The categories may vary each month, but this is just a look at some of things I’ve been loving for the month of October!

Favorite Makeup Item:

I’ve been loving the Benefit Rockateur Blush. It’s a beautiful dusty rose color and provides a glow on the cheeks that is beyond any blush I’ve ever used before.

IMG_1848 copy

Favorite New Clothing Item:

I’ve gotten a couple new fall clothing items that I’m really excited about, but I’m going to go with these fold over soft pants. I love the geometric print. The pants are primarily to lounge around in and they are the softest pants everrrr.

Mudd Fold Over Soft Pants via Kohls

Favorite on TV:

I watch a lot of TV shows, not usually live but catching up on my DVR is always a fun pastime for me. I’ve only watched a few of the new Fall TV shows, but one show I’ve been loving is Madam Secretary starring Tea Leoni. I’ve found each episode to be really interesting and I definitely recommend checking it out if you like political type dramas.

Favorite Song:

Afrojack – “Ten Feet Tall” This song isn’t new at all, but I’ve been listening to it a lot. It energizes me while I’m doing work!

Favorite Book:

I read Siddhartha with my 9th graders. It’s a beautifully written novel following a man’s journey to find peace and himself. It’s a pretty philosophical book which my students either hated or loved and I happen to be on the love side. It was a good book for me to read this month because October was full of stress, never-ending work, and other annoying issues so it was nice to read a book about finding peace and self happiness.

Those are all the favorites I could think of this month! I’ll have to keep track for November so it’s not so hard to come up with the list at the last minute!

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