Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Happy Photo Challenge Friday! Also, Happy Halloween! A Halloween post will be coming up later tonight, but in the meantime I’m continuing with my Friday photo challenge routine. This past week Daily Post posed the challenge of coming up with Cover Art. As usual, it’s open to interpretation. I decided to recycle a picture from this summer that I feel would be representative of my life.

IMG_6111 copy

This was taken in Hawaii back in August, the day after a hurricane. I feel like this would be a great cover art piece for my life because I’m literally looking out at the unknown. It could be a storm brewing or the clouds could break and the sun will shine down; the winds may die down and the waters could calm. Life in general, and mine is no exception, is so unexpected and unpredictable. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I’m a planner. I’m pretty Type A in that regard. Not knowing things or what’s going to happen can cause some serious anxiety at times, but over the years I’ve definitely mellowed out and learned to go with the flow more because there’s no point in getting upset over things beyond my control. With that being said, the future is still unknown. I can have goals, dreams, ideas of what I want for the future, but nothing is set in stone and nothing is for certain. This could definitely be the cover for a soundtrack to my life or a memoir.

I hope you all have a great Friday! As mentioned above, I’ll be posting later tonight with my Halloween looks consisting of a DIY costume and a shop my closet costume!

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