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    Diptyque: Roses

    For the longest time I would see bloggers and people on Instagram post beautiful home decor photos that included Diptyque candles. All I knew about these candles was that they looked so aesthetically pleasing with their clear glass and clean cut look. Oh and that they were a luxury candle brand because these are probably the most expensive candles I’ve ever seen. I love candles and I regularly burn seasonal candles from Bath & Body Works but I always buy those on sale so I couldn’t justify dropping so much money on a candle from Diptyque. Fast forward a few years and I had some cash to spend at Nordstrom so I decided…

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    High-End & Budget Christmas Gift Guide

    Christmas is a week and a half away! As it gets closer, I thought I would post a gift guide for anyone who is still scratching their heads on what to buy. I thought it would be fun to come up with both high-end gifts and lower cost/budget alternatives. First up, high-end! High-End Christmas Gift Guide by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring Diptyque The Tory Burch logo is famous and I think these stud logo earrings are so cute. They’re simple and not flashy. Definitely a sophisticated look. A good pair of rainboots is always useful and why not put usefulness and style together! I love candles and I am always hearing about Diptyque…