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Diptyque: Roses

For the longest time I would see bloggers and people on Instagram post beautiful home decor photos that included Diptyque candles. All I knew about these candles was that they looked so aesthetically pleasing with their clear glass and clean cut look. Oh and that they were a luxury candle brand because these are probably the most expensive candles I’ve ever seen. I love candles and I regularly burn seasonal candles from Bath & Body Works but I always buy those on sale so I couldn’t justify dropping so much money on a candle from Diptyque.

Fast forward a few years and I had some cash to spend at Nordstrom so I decided to finally pick up one of these candles for myself. But what scent? Decisions decisions. I ended up getting the “Roses” scent because I like rose scented things.


The Diptyque website has a short and simple description of the “Roses” scent – “Like a tender, freshly picked bouquet, it pays homage to the queen of flowers.”

Let me tell you, this scent is strong so if you are sensitive to smells I would be cautious. Good thing it smells so good otherwise I’d be pretty upset I spent so much on a candle! To give you an idea of how strong the scent is – when I first got the candle I kept it in the box and had it in a shopping bag with clothes. There was a faint rose smell in my room even through the box and in the bag and the items in my bag smelled like rose! But once the candle is actually out of the box and burning the smell isn’t overwhelming at all.

I’m going to enjoy this candle and take my time burning it because while I love this candle and hope to buy another one from Diptyque at some point I don’t plan on buying another one any time soon!

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