Casa Maya

Back in August I went to a new to me restaurant, Casa Maya, with my friend who has been there multiple times. This little Mexican restaurant sits right in the middle of what seems like a quiet neighborhood. It’s quaint but so strange because the restaurant sits in a lot of its own in the middle of a sort of fork in the road with houses all around and a church across the street. But enough about the location, let’s get to what I ate!


The restaurant was decorated in a really cute way inside and I loved the tiled tables. The tortilla chips and salsa were fresh. They were especially good because by the time we got to the restaurant, found a place to park, and waited for our table we were starving.


I ordered a burrito for dinner, which had different protein choices. I chose beef. The large flour tortilla was filled with beef and cheese and then smothered in mild red sauce and topped with cheese, lettuce, and tomato. It came with rice and refried beans. I love refried beans so when that’s a choice, I always pick it.


I made sure to save some room for dessert! I got the rice pudding. I was really in the mood for rice pudding because I had gotten some at a brunch outing the week before and was disappointed. Fortunately this rice pudding did not disappoint and was delicious.


It’s always a lovely evening when you have good food and good company!

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  1. I love Mexican food ❤ The decor in the restaurant is so vibrant and inviting I love it.

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    1. I loved it too! It was so warm and festive. I loved the tiled tables.

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      1. that sounds awesome! I’ll have to look if they have something like that where I live (:

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      2. There must be some really good Mexican/Tex-Mex places by you!

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      3. yeahhh lol I feel like it’s impossible not too in Texas.

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