• Dorothy and the Glass Key


    Book Review: Dorothy and the Glass Key

    Being home during this crazy time has me trying to get a lot of reading done and cross books off my ever growing tbr list. The latest book I have finished is Dorothy and the Glass Key. I wrote about this way last year with an author q&a, but I just got around to crossing it off my list. The book is really is interesting and has a supernatural aspect to it. Dorothy is a 14 year old girl and the year is 1986. After tragedy strikes and her mother is killed, Dorothy and her father relocate from Georgia to Floria to stay with her uncle on the family farm. Resentful…

  • Mischief & Mayhem


    Mischief & Mayhem – Author Q & A

    New book alert! Mischief & Mayhem by S.D. Nicholson is a new fantasy novel that just came out at the end of May. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet (super behind on my reading list) but Smith Publicity was kind enough to send me a copy. Let me tell you what the book is about, according to the synopsis, and then we’ll get to the author Q&A! The Faerlands Chronicles is a dark fantasy for adults that will sweep them away to a more magical land. Mischief and Mayhem follows protagonist Ophelia Maplewood on a twisted journey through the realm of the Faers. After lying dormant for centuries, a dark presence awakens. While malicious…

  • Lang's Labyrinth


    Book Review: Lang’s Labyrinth

    I love fantasy books – I think they’re so fun and offer you an escape from reality. When I was offered an advanced copy of Lang’s Labyrinth from the Forests of the Fae book series, I was excited to start reading it. Lang’s Labyrinth is the 3rd book of the series and when I was asked if I would like an advanced copy, I asked if I needed to have read books 1 and 2 because I hadn’t and I didn’t think it would make sense to start reading the third book out of nowhere. They told me it wasn’t necessary, so I agreed to enter this magical story. It turns out,…