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    Act of Kindness

    Happy Friday! Now that we’re past Halloween, it’s officially time to get ready for holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up sooner than we think. Now that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, it’s definitely a good time to be more mindful of what we’re thankful for and be more giving. It also doesn’t hurt to do more acts of kindness during this season of giving. I’ve collaborated with Oxfam to share an act of kindness that I received. It’s a little bit alarming that when asked about a random act of kindness that I received I wasn’t immediately swimming with instances. In fact, I really had to…

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    Red Nose Day – Love Actually Sequel

    Did you watch the Red Nose Day special on TV the other night? During the broadcast they played the much hyped about Love Actually sequel. Not really a proper sequel, it’s just a short that gives you a glimpse into what the characters are up to today. I absolutely love Love Actually so when I heard they were doing a sort of sequel for Red Nose Day, I was really excited. I recorded the special and just got around to watching it yesterday. I thought they would play the whole short at once during the broadcast but instead they played little clips at a time spread out through the hour. Because they…

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    Giving Back

    Still not Friday yet? This week has been non-stop. It’s been filled with work, stress, and too little sleep. These three things have probably all contributed to my forgetfulness the past few days which in turn has made me really frustrated and clumsy. It’s also led me to some zits popping up which brings me back to stress and frustration. It’s a vicious cycle! But I remind myself that the week is almost over and maybe some peace will soon be on its way to me. Thanksgiving is also 1 week away! I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. It’s a time to give thanks and although we should…