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Red Nose Day – Love Actually Sequel

Did you watch the Red Nose Day special on TV the other night? During the broadcast they played the much hyped about Love Actually sequel. Not really a proper sequel, it’s just a short that gives you a glimpse into what the characters are up to today. I absolutely love Love Actually so when I heard they were doing a sort of sequel for Red Nose Day, I was really excited. I recorded the special and just got around to watching it yesterday. I thought they would play the whole short at once during the broadcast but instead they played little clips at a time spread out through the hour. Because they broke it up this way it didn’t feel cohesive. In any case, I thought it was wonderful to revisit these characters!


Because I thought I had missed one of the segments (after I had already deleted it) I looked it up on YouTube and it was actually really great because it was the full 16 minute short film in one piece instead of broken up like in the tv broadcast. It was also the complete film because there were definitely parts that were not on tv so I think they edited it and shortened each storyline by a minute or two each in order for it to all fit within the time frame of the tv program. You can watch it below!

But let’s remember that this whole sequel thing is just a part of Red Nose Day. Watching the whole Red Nose Day special was a good reminder that there are children all over the world who need our help. The stories featured children and families from places are far ranging as children in small villages in Africa dying from lack of vaccinations to towns in Maine and other states in the United States with kids who are starving. It’s crazy that in questions as developed as the US can still have so many kids who go to bed hungry.

Even though Red Nose Day has passed, you can still donate if you wish to. I did just yesterday! Donations provide: meals for kids,  life saving vaccines for kids,  a safe place to learn and play, clean water, access to education, a safe place to sleep.

Giving back can really help make a difference in childrens’ lives around the world. Doing some good in the world seems even more important these days with so much craziness, sadness and uncertainty everywhere.

Did you watch the Red Nose Day special?

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