Giving Back

Still not Friday yet? This week has been non-stop. It’s been filled with work, stress, and too little sleep. These three things have probably all contributed to my forgetfulness the past few days which in turn has made me really frustrated and clumsy. It’s also led me to some zits popping up which brings me back to stress and frustration. It’s a vicious cycle!

But I remind myself that the week is almost over and maybe some peace will soon be on its way to me. Thanksgiving is also 1 week away! I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. It’s a time to give thanks and although we should be doing things like donating canned food throughout the year and not just around the holidays because people aren’t only hungry at Thanksgiving and Christmas, its important to make the effort in the first place. Last weekend, I went with my friend/co-worker and some of the junior class to a food bank to volunteer. It was a great experience and the time really went by fast because we were so busy.




It’s a big warehouse with all different sections of food and goods. Our group was working with dry pasta (whole wheat rotini to be exact!). Some of us were bagging the pasta, some were putting labels on the bags. My group put the bags of pasta into boxes and put them onto a pallet to be taken away.

IMG_2141 IMG_2142

Since we were working with food we had to wear hairnets, which were pretty hilarious and ridiculous. You can see our first box on the pallet in that second picture.


In the approximately two hours we were working, my group did about a pallet and a half, which is about 72 boxes. Not too bad! It was a good experience and a great opportunity for the students. Not only did they earn community service hours, but they got the chance to do something that actually will make a difference in someone’s life. It’s definitely something I would be interested in doing again in the future.

Is there anything you like to do in particular to give back to the community?

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