• Work-Tote

    A Month Into the School Year

    The school year has been underway for a little over a month now so I thought I’d give a short little update on how it’s all going. For those of you who don’t know, my full time/day job is English teacher. It’s been a weird and tiring year so far. The last few months of last school year was so strange since we had switched to remote learning due to the shutdowns/lockdowns. We thought it would be temporary when we closed in mid March and we ended up not going back at all for the rest of the year. This school year, like some other schools, we offered students a…

  • Home Office

    My Work from Home Routine

    Today is Day 3 of working from home/teaching remotely. While the past two days have gone pretty well so far, I honestly don’t know how many more weeks I can last without actually seeing people for an extended period of time. I know a lot of people who already work from home are giving tips to people on what works for them, etc. And I think that’s awesome that they have experience and knowledge that can help others. But, I think it’s also different. If you worked from home before this pandemic, it’s a different ballgame than working from home amidst a pandemic. You could’ve still hung out with friends…

  • Captured Fireflies
    Books,  Life

    Book Review: Captured Fireflies

    Most of you already know that I’m a teacher, but for any new readers here – I’m a high school English teacher. New to my blog or not, you may also know that I love to read (when I’m not exhausted from work) and so a nice perk of blogging has been the opportunity to have books sent to me for review. The latest book I’ve had the chance to read is Captured Fireflies by Meredith Newlin – also an English teacher! I was actually specifically sent this book because I’m a teacher. Talk about worlds colliding! In Captured Fireflies, Meredith talks about her teaching career thus far. As a teacher for the…

  • Professional Photo Shoot - Behind the Scenes

    Teaching & Blogging

    As many of you already know my full-time profession is that of a high school English teacher. And I believe I’ve mentioned it on here before, but if I haven’t I’m sure you could guess that if I could make blogging my full-time career I would in a heartbeat. Seriously. I’m incredibly grateful for the strides I’ve made in this blogging profession thus far, but I’m nowhere near being able to quit my day job and pursue this full-time. I might never get to that point, but one can dream right? In the meantime, I work full time and blog on the side. I may not be making a salary…

  • The Ellora - Prom

    Prom Chaperone Tips

    Prom for my school was a few nights ago and it was the 6th prom I’ve chaperoned. Now, my school is very small so things on my tips/what I’ve learned list is probably going to be different than top tips for someone chaperoning at a large school. Nevertheless, I think I’ve come up with a few things that are basic/universal enough to be applied anywhere. Every year my students ask me what I’m going to wear to prom. I always re-wear a dress from a wedding or party that is appropriate i.e. not too revealing or fancy. So when I tell students “I’m going to wear a dress, but not…

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Culture,  Life

    My Recent Trip to The Met

    Some people are “museum people” and some aren’t. I am. I love museums. I love history, cultures, art, and learning about all these things. I’ve been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art countless times over the years and I’ll never get tired of it. My most recent trip there was 2 weeks ago for a field trip. My friend/co-worker and I organized the field trip for our 9th grade students. I thought I’d share some snaps I took that day and offer some tips for traveling there with 40+ teenagers. My Tips Wearing a dress is questionable. I wore a dress and this was good and bad. Good because it was…

  • Smashbox Shape Matters

    Prom [Chaperone] FOTD

    This past Thursday, I chaperoned my 5th prom! I can’t believe I’ve been to that many proms. I thought it would be fun to post a FOTD and show some of the products I used. I used Sephora’s Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation as my foundation and Benefit‘s Porefessional as my primer (not pictured) to create a flawless base. Next, I used Smashbox’s #ShapeMatters palette for my eyeshadow, contour, and highlight. There are also brow powders included, but I continued using my IT Cosmetics pencil that I’ve been using. This palette is so comprehensive, but surprisingly does not contain a blush which is a shame because this could totally be an all-in-one palette! I…

  • Life

    What’s Inside My Tote Bag

    It’s pretty common for bloggers and YouTubers to share what’s currently inside their bags/purses, but I never have anything interesting inside mine! It’s always the regular things like phone, wallet, and then just random bits and bobs. I recently got a new tote bag for work so I thought at least that would be somewhat more interesting. My work tote bags last me roughly 1.5 years. I’m always carrying it around school all day and lugging things ranging from student work that I need to grade to my laptop so after a while the straps usually start to fray. There’s always a lot of wear and tear and whatnot. So I…

  • Entertainment

    Coloring Book for Grown Ups

    By now I’m sure many of you have heard about the craze of adult coloring books or grown up coloring book. I make the distinction because when I mentioned “adult coloring books” to my co-workers a while back, they asked what exactly made these coloring books “adult”. So now I feel the need to clarify that these are just coloring books for grown ups! Anyway, by now you’ve probably heard of these since they are gaining popularity by the day it seems. I first heard of them at the beginning of the summer. I don’t remember where exactly I heard of them, but I feel like I read an article…

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    Teacher Appreciation Week

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all my fellow teachers out there! I know I’m a little late seeing as it’s almost the end of the week (yay!) but I’m just now getting the time to write this post. If you didn’t already know, I guess it’s pretty obvious now that my day job is teaching. I don’t talk too much about it on here, but seeing as it’s what I spend my days doing I figured I should post something for this appreciation week. While I love all my students and enjoy teaching, it is not uncommon for me to feel like I want to pull my hair out or bang my…