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Today is Day 3 of working from home/teaching remotely. While the past two days have gone pretty well so far, I honestly don’t know how many more weeks I can last without actually seeing people for an extended period of time. I know a lot of people who already work from home are giving tips to people on what works for them, etc. And I think that’s awesome that they have experience and knowledge that can help others. But, I think it’s also different. If you worked from home before this pandemic, it’s a different ballgame than working from home amidst a pandemic. You could’ve still hung out with friends after work or took a lunch break outside and meet up with friends for lunch. You could work from a cafe (if you don’t need to be in a super quiet place to work). Now, all those options are gone. So while I appreciate all of the work from home tips, I think this situation we find ourselves in right now is different.

So as I said I’ve only been doing distance teaching for going on 3 days now, but I’ve developed a routine so far and it will probably last me this whole period of time.

First, I make sure to make my bed. I always did this anyway, but I can see how some people would become lazy about this since you’re not leaving home. I think this can help you feel organized and like you’re ready for the day and not about to crawl back under the covers at any given moment.

Made bed

Next, after showering and all that jazz, I put on some makeup. I do this for two reasons. When I don’t wear any makeup whatsoever, I always feel blah – more tired, more run down, etc. The other reason is that I’ve been video conferencing/teaching my students on Zoom so I do want to have some makeup on when my face is all up in their screens.


And then, I do get dressed. So far I have worn a dress and then yesterday I wore this green crochet top with a white henley underneath and moto leggings. I want to be comfortable obviously because I’m at home, but I also think it’s important to get dressed in to something other than loungewear or staying in pajamas all day while working because it helps with my mindset. It helps me realize I’m working and not just hanging out. Getting dressed, even if it’s just leggings, and putting on some makeup helps me get in the mindset that Im working. And it just makes me feel better and more put together!


Next, I settle in at my desk to start my day. I have to have all the work up for all my class periods by 7:30am because my first class is at 7:52 so I need to have it all sorted and posted. I make coffee and grab some breakfast on a small plate (not pictured) and work from my desk until my lunch break around 12pm.

Home Office 1Home Office

You can see my clothes rack next to my desk that I’ve talked about on here for over a year. I hang clothes on there that I’ve ironed to wear/take photos in etc.

At 12, as mentioned before, I break for lunch. I make something like a sandwich or heat up leftovers. Yesterday, I made BLT and some Manhattan Clam Chowder (canned, not homemade!).

BLT & Soup

Then, I continue on with the day. I teach 1 class after lunch and then I have a little bit of time to do work without teaching before my department meeting and staff meeting, all on Zoom.

I also find it key to not watch tv during the day when I’m supposed to be working. It helps me stay in work mode. I don’t work from the couch. I stay at my desk, though I may sometimes switch it up and sit at my dining table just for a change in scenery haha.

So that’s my routine and I don’t see it changing much if at all. My schedule and routine has to be pretty set since I have to teach certain classes at certain times.

Once the school day is done, I change in to loungewear since the work day is officially over. Then, I make another cup of coffee, grab a snack, and watch tv to decompress. I’ve also gone out for walks after work to just get some fresh air.

How are you all coping with this social distancing/quarantine thing?

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