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Snowed In

Snowed in. Literally. My area was hit with a blizzard over the weekend and at the time that I’m writing this (11PM on Sunday night) my street has still not been plowed yet! So although my driveway is cleared, I am literally trapped.

The snow began Friday night and steadily and at times heavily continued until late Saturday night. In 24 hours, we got over 30 inches (taking snow drifts into account). The wind was crazy at times hence the snow drifts. I’m not exaggerating when I say that whenever I opened my front door to take a look at the snow I would get hit in the face with snow blowing.

So I thought I would share a bunch of pictures I took over the weekend. This is a picture heavy post, but hopefully you guys will enjoy!

Snowy DoorSnowy Door 1

The snow was blowing everywhere that even though my porch has a covering, the snow still managed to pile up onto the porch and was blown up against my front door! It was even beginning to pile up against the door. Snowflakes/ice was also stuck to windows and my back glass door.

Blizzard - JonasBlizzard - Jonas 1Blizzard - Jonas 2

So I went down my front steps and anyone who’s ever dealt with a lot of snow knows how tricky going down steps that you can’t see can be. You forget exactly where the steps are and it’s such a weird feeling! I was not expecting to be in past my knees once I got down. There were still about 8 or 9 more hours of snowing to go after this picture was taken!

Blizzard Jonas - SelfieShoveling

I shoveled some of the snow off the porch and steps so that there would be less to shovel once the snow was over. It would be even more difficult if we waited until the snow stopped.

Grilled CheeseFireplace

To keep warm and cozy on this snowy day I had grilled cheese for lunch (pepperjack and white cheddar) and got the fireplace going.

Snowy BackyardSnowy Front YardSnowy Front Yard 1

So as you can see all my hard work shoveling the porch and front steps was erased within a couple hours! 🙁

Front Door SilhouetteBlizzard - Jonas 3

Sunday morning and we are surrounded by snow. You know there’s a problem when the snow that comes up to your porch (which is 4 steps up) is basically at the same height as in your front yard.

Unplowed Street

And like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’m officially snowed in. My township called last night with an automated message saying they hope to have all secondary streets plowed by 6PM Monday so hopefully I’ll be freed soon! School was closed for today, thankfully as I really would not be able to get out of my driveway to go to work!

If you experienced the snow as well, I hope you all managed well. And if you weren’t in the snow, I hope you enjoyed living vicariously through my pictures!

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