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Inauguration Day

It’s finally Inauguration Day! I know that things aren’t magically going to change over night; there is a lot of work to be done. But, it’s also really nice to be able to breathe and not worry about what new crisis has been created simply due to the president’s egomaniacal ways. How nice will it be to not wake up in the morning to find out the president has rage tweeted in the middle of the night?

The past 4 years have been bad, to put it mildly. I remember crying the night of the last election, going into work, and having people tell me I was overreacting and Trump wouldn’t be that bad. If you were a Trump supporter in 2016 and realized that he was actually that bad and maybe even worse, then that’s fine. But, I can’t understand people who still support him let alone are willing to storm the Capitol in his name.

I have unfollowed a few people on social media because I just couldn’t deal with them. Differing views is welcome, but at some point your silence or worse yet, your defensiveness is not what I want to see on my feed and I’d rather rid myself of that toxicity. For example, I’d followed this one blogger/influencer for a long time. She didn’t say anything during the BLM marches and protests during the summer and nothing about the insurrection at the Capitol either. If you don’t want to say anything, that’s fine – a little disappointing with the large platform she has – but fine if she didn’t feel comfortable. What bothered me is that instead of just simply not saying anything, she made a point to film a bunch of Instagram stories about how mad she was that people had asked her to say something. She got so defensive and mad and said things like “I’m not stupid, I know what’s going on. I’m highly educated.” This was just the last straw for me and I had to unfollow her. You don’t want to say anything, fine, but to get mad when someone asks you about it just makes it worse. Anyway, that’s my rant on that subject.

I have work today so I won’t be able to watch the inauguration live, but I hope it goes off without a hitch and nothing crazy happens like with the riots who stormed the Capitol.

I’m so ready for healing and not living in a constant state of anxiety.

San Francisco Bay

This photo was taken when I was in San Francisco, summer 2019. My last real vacation before the pandemic. I took one or two weekend trips between San Francisco and the pandemic, but this one was my last real trip. I can’t wait to one day be able to travel again!

Hopefully with Biden in the White House the pandemic will soon be under control and a future filled with travel and no masks is on the horizon!

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