Six Flags Great Adventure - Halloween Decorations

Six Flags in the Fall

If you follow my Instagram Stories, then you might’ve seen that I went to Six Flags 2 weekends ago. I decided to share a few photos from my day there since it was decorated for Fright Fest/Halloween and do a little reminiscing about my teenage years at Fright Fest.

I went with my friend to Six Flags (Great Adventure is the one here in NJ and is one of the biggest in the country) and we had to plan it weeks in advance as we both have busy schedules. I thought it would be fun to go to the park because I hadn’t been in the fall in years. I thought it’d be a great time of year to go because the weather would be cool and I was actually looking forward to the chilly weather and being able to wear a hoodie to the park. But, little did we know that the day we had chosen would be hot! Of course, back in September when we picked this day out we didn’t know that the beginning of October would see summer-like weather. So to say we were a bit hot walking around in the 80+ degree weather all day is an understatement.

Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure - roller coasters
Six Flags Great Adventure - Fright Fest
Six Flags Great Adventure - Halloween decorations
Six Flags Great Adventure - Halloween Decorations 1
Six Flags Great Adventure - Halloween Decorations 2
Six Flags Great Adventure - Halloween Decorations 3

Confession: I don’t like gory/spooky Halloween things. I hate being scared! I like cute Halloween stuff and I’m totally not into the bloody stuff. As a kid I always did the cute costumes like princesses, angels, Pink Power Ranger etc. You would never see me as anything like a scary witch or zombie. So when my friend and I decided to go to Six Flags during Fright Fest, I asked her if we could go in the early part of the day so we could be out of there before the scary stuff started such as monsters jumping out at you while you’re on line. Luckily, she was fine with that!

Flashback time! Back when I was in high school, I went to Fright Fest every year through school and we would leave in the early evening. So we would get going right when the scary stuff was starting and that was enough for me! I can’t imagine what it’s like later on when it’s completely dark out! So back in high school I was in Key Club – the school/youth version of Kiwanis International. We did all sorts of community service and charity work throughout the year. I remember around Halloween we would be given these little cardboard boxes to try to get spare change to donate to Unicef. Around the same time of year, we’d go to Six Flags one Saturday for some sort of state convention with other high school Key Clubs. We’d go early in the morning before the park opened to the public, sit in the little arena area and listen to speakers. I don’t think anyone really paid attention – everyone was just waiting to be let out so we could go on the rides. I remember sitting there with friends and just waiting and waiting. Then, we’d see the ride operators testing out the rides before opening and all eyes would be on the empty cars going up the roller coasters and all anticipating the moment we could go. Those were good times! I distinctly remember it being chilly back then and it just being such a fun time.

One of the years, we were getting ready to head back to the meeting point to leave and the monsters and scary characters were coming out for the night. My friend and I (Amy, if you’re reading this you know what story I’m going to tell!) are both scaredy cats when it comes to these things and we had made a promise to each other that we’d stick together. Then, a guy with a chainsaw started running after us and we both freaked out and I was trying to grab her arm but she wasn’t next to me any more because she had run away! Yup, she left me! Apparently saying you’ll stay together doesn’t mean anything if a guy with a chainsaw is after you. It’s something we still laugh about today.

Anyway, I definitely do have fond memories of Six Flags in the fall and this recent trip was a nice time. We were lucky and it wasn’t too crowded – probably because the majority of the people want to come after 4 when the scary stuff starts. We were able to go on pretty much all the rides we wanted and Nitro – my favorite coaster – had a short line so we were able to go on twice in a row without waiting more than 5 minutes.

Do you like Fright Fest?

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