A Month Into the School Year

The school year has been underway for a little over a month now so I thought I’d give a short little update on how it’s all going. For those of you who don’t know, my full time/day job is English teacher.

It’s been a weird and tiring year so far. The last few months of last school year was so strange since we had switched to remote learning due to the shutdowns/lockdowns. We thought it would be temporary when we closed in mid March and we ended up not going back at all for the rest of the year. This school year, like some other schools, we offered students a choice. Fully remote or hybrid. Hybrid means that the students come on site, the day is shorter than normal, and then they take some of their electives online at home in the afternoon. Our school days used to end at 3:21 and this year students who are on site leave at 1:05 since they are only in school for core subjects. I still have to stay until 3:30 of course and I actually do teach an online class at 2:25 for students who are at home.

For the most part my students are really good this year and keeping up with the rules about keeping their masks on, washing/sanitizing their hands frequently, and sanitizing their desks.

It’s incredibly exhausting every day. I have to run around the building for all my classes because they are, understandably, trying to keep students in the same rooms as much as possible so teachers are traveling around the building. So I have to get to my classrooms, sanitize the desk and anything I’ll be using (SmartBoard markers, arm rests for the desk chairs, etc.) and then get started with teaching. For my online classes during the school day I have to get to my classroom, sanitize, sign into Zoom, get my headphones set up.

The year is going by smoother than I anticipated so far, but it’s just a lot to take on. So if I had to use a word to describe how the year is going so far, from a teacher’s perspective, it’s exhausting.

In previous years I just needed my laptop in my bag (along with pens, wallet, etc.) Now I need my headphones, hand sanitizer, wipes (my school has wipes and sanitizer in each classroom but I bring my own just in case. Sometimes I don’t feel like getting up to get more hand sanitizer so I’ll just grab mine from my bag), face mask, spare face mask. Sometimes I wear the blue medical masks and sometimes I wear one of my cloth ones.

So far I’m surviving. I’ll be sure to update you guys if things change!

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