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October 2016 Favorites

Can you believe it’s already November? I can’t. It didn’t occur to me, until I saw someone somewhere post it yesterday, that Thanksgiving is only 4 Thursdays away from now which boggles my mind. Before I get into this month’s favorites, I wanted to share a selfie from Halloween yesterday. I mentioned in my post yesterday, that I did a group costume with 2 friends from work. We went as Pokemon Go Trainers.


We got the t-shirts, all wore black shirts underneath (because it was chilly), wore jeans and black shoes. Oh yeah and wore backpacks! We couldn’t find plain black baseball caps or else we would’ve worn those too. Did you all have a good Halloween?

Moving on to my favorites this month, I have some more than last month I think.

First up, now that I’m fully back into work mode I have to eat quick breakfasts before leaving for work. One quick breakfast for me has been Eggo Waffles – a throwback to my childhood!


I just pop one in the toaster while I blow dry my hair, spread some butter on it, pour some syrup and I can get a quick breakfast in.

My next favorite is my new bathrobe. I got this plush bathrobe from Sonoma Goods for Life via Kohl’s last month and it is soooo soft and warm.


A few weeks ago I wrote about Kate Middleton’s fashion style while in Canada. Her children with Prince William came along for the trip as well and everyone couldn’t stop gushing over the cuteness overload, myself included. But one of the absolutely cutest photos I saw from their trip was when they were heading home and Prince George was caught taking a peek outside the plane window with his face squished up against the glass!


Next up, if you’ve been following me for a while you know I love Dancing with the Stars. This season Laurie Hernandez from the Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team is on the show and is doing well. A few weeks ago she danced a jazz number with pro dance partner, Val, to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” and killed it. I can’t help but smile every time she dances because she’s got such an infectious personality!

Another clothing favorite this month – my grey Calvin Klein sweatpants. These were a birthday gift from my friend and they are so comfortable and have a nice warm thickness to them. I’m the kind of person who immediately changes into comfortable clothes as soon as I walk into my house so these sweatpants were well loved by me in October.


Last week, Hamilton’s Americaa documentary that follows Lin Manuel Miranda in the creation of his hit Broadway show Hamilton aired on TV. I have been wanting to see Hamilton for a while now but tickets are insanely hard to get and I heard there’s a months long or maybe year long wait list! So for now this documentary will have to hold me over and I found it really interesting to see the making of the musical and see all the behind the scenes stuff.


For my last favorite I’m sharing the song that I’ve been loving lately. It’s Coldplay’s “Hymn for the Weekend” the Seeb Remix version.

Love this song!

That wraps up my October Favorites. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately!

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  • TheFallibleQueen

    Yeah that’s one of the things I love about Laurie, her personality. She’s a good dancer too, her and Val make a great team. Cold play will forever be one of my favorite bands <3. I've been loving the fall fashion lately, I'm stocking up on joggers for winter 🙂 I love sweatpants too, they are perfect for any weather honestly.

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