What’s Inside My Tote Bag

It’s pretty common for bloggers and YouTubers to share what’s currently inside their bags/purses, but I never have anything interesting inside mine! It’s always the regular things like phone, wallet, and then just random bits and bobs. I recently got a new tote bag for work so I thought at least that would be somewhat more interesting.

My work tote bags last me roughly 1.5 years. I’m always carrying it around school all day and lugging things ranging from student work that I need to grade to my laptop so after a while the straps usually start to fray. There’s always a lot of wear and tear and whatnot. So I recently needed a new bag before the straps of my last one ripped off and I decided to get a Vera Bradley one. I’ve had many a Vera Bradley tote before, but I’ve always gone for a patterned one. This time around I decided to go with the Trimmed Vera Laptop Tote – a black, quilted bag for something classic and sophisticated looking.

DSCF2193 copy

DSCF2200 copy

DSCF2194 copy

Inside my tote I’ve got my:

  • wallet
  • laptop & charger
  • pens
  • white-out tape
  • tissues
  • eyedrops
  • Blistex
  • bandaid (super helpful when you get a blister from your shoes)
  • flash drive
  • classroom keys
  • A Clockwork Orange (just finished reading this with my Book Club with some students at school so a review will be up in the future!)
  • student papers

DSCF2196 copy

DSCF2195 copy

DSCF2202 copy

Everything fits so nicely in the bag and there’s a separate divider just for my laptop, which I like and saves room. In my last tote bag I didn’t have a laptop section so I had a Vera Bradley laptop case to put my laptop in inside my bag. This new bag definitely allows me to carry less! I love that the bag zips closed, but I honestly find myself rarely zipping it closed. I normally have it unzipped all day long for easy in/out access.

So there you have what’s inside my work tote!

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