• MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote


    MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote

    MZ Wallace bags have been on my radar for a few months now. I loved how lightweight and squishy they look, which makes them the perfect tote for traveling. Plus, everyone on social media who has a MZ Wallace bag always raves about them. But, they are pricey for a tote bag, so the bags have been on my list of things to eventually get, but that I didn’t need right away. Usually, I’ll travel with a backpack as my carry-on bag because it’s functional and convenient since it fits my laptop, wallet, and all other little things and leaves my hands free for my suitcase and things. But, sometimes a…

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    Travel Style

    Happy Saturday! I’m writing this ahead of time, but if all went according to plan I arrived in Georgia yesterday afternoon. I’m here visiting family for a few days and I plan to take some outfit photos and pretty much photos of everything I eat, so be on the look out for that next week! Just doing a quick post today to share what I wore for my travel day yesterday. Definitely took these photos ahead of time because I already knew what I was going to wear yesterday. Since I was in the middle of taking my suitcase from my parents’ house back to my place I thought why…

  • Scout Bag - Original Deano


    Scout – Original Deano Tote Bag

    We got a taste of winter yesterday with a snow storm! Snow was in the forecast but it was worse than expected. I ended up getting out of work early and although it was a tricky drive home I was lucky to get home within 30 mins. I have friends who were on the road for hours and even my brother who normally takes 30 mins to get home from work was on the road for over 3 hours. Anyway, on to today’s post. Tote bags are essential for me. I’m always lugging things around to and from work and constantly bringing things from my townhouse to my parents’ house…

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    What’s Inside My Tote Bag

    It’s pretty common for bloggers and YouTubers to share what’s currently inside their bags/purses, but I never have anything interesting inside mine! It’s always the regular things like phone, wallet, and then just random bits and bobs. I recently got a new tote bag for work so I thought at least that would be somewhat more interesting. My work tote bags last me roughly 1.5 years. I’m always carrying it around school all day and lugging things ranging from student work that I need to grade to my laptop so after a while the straps usually start to fray. There’s always a lot of wear and tear and whatnot. So I…

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    Photo Challenge: Fray

    This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post is fray. The Daily Post suggested to take a picture of whatever the word “fray” would mean to you – whether it’s a frayed fabric or a fight that’s about to break out. I spent a few days thinking about what I could do for this challenge when the perfect “fray” came to mind. If you don’t know, my full time profession is teacher. I bring a large tote bag with me to work every day during the school year that carries books, papers, my lunch, and other little things like pens, highlighters etc. The constant use and the fact that I’m usually…