MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote

MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote

MZ Wallace bags have been on my radar for a few months now. I loved how lightweight and squishy they look, which makes them the perfect tote for traveling. Plus, everyone on social media who has a MZ Wallace bag always raves about them. But, they are pricey for a tote bag, so the bags have been on my list of things to eventually get, but that I didn’t need right away.

Usually, I’ll travel with a backpack as my carry-on bag because it’s functional and convenient since it fits my laptop, wallet, and all other little things and leaves my hands free for my suitcase and things. But, sometimes a girl wants to look a bit more chic when traveling than with a backpack. So for my trip to Georgia during Easter I used a tote bag that my cousin had given me. The size is perfect and I love the bag, but the problem I had with traveling with it was that it is a super structured bag so it does not fit easily under the airplane seats. I almost broke out in a sweat on the plane trying to shove it under. This prompted me to think more seriously about getting an MZ Wallace bag. Then, I was fortunate enough to make some nice sized payments from blogging campaigns and decided I would treat myself to the bag finally!

Now came the hardest part – which size bag?! I knew I wanted the classic Metro Tote, but I couldn’t decide if I should get the medium or large. I spent days looking up photos, videos, blogger reviews, measuring dimensions trying to decide. I asked people on Instagram which size they preferred. I really spent days contemplating this. My thing was that I wanted a bag that was big enough to fit my MacBook Air and other little things you’d have in a tote when traveling, but not so big that it looked bigger than me since I’m petite.

After much internal debate, I decided to get the medium size and it really was the best decision. Because it is so squishy and soft you can fit so much in it. I took it with me to Toronto over Memorial Day Weekend and it easily fit my laptop (in a sleeve), laptop charger, phone charger, headphones, glasses, 2 pairs of sunglasses, large wallet, passport, crossbody bag, and my book that I’m reading.It fits so much!

It also comes with a little pouch so I stuck my chargers in there so they wouldn’t get all tangled up in and with the stuff in the bag.

MZ Wallace Medium Metro ToteMZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote 1MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote 2MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote 3MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote 4MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote 5MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote 6MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote 7MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote 8MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote 9

Bag: MZ Wallace via Nordstrom (here) | Leggings: Nordstrom Rack | Sunglasses: QUAY Australia | Jacket: Nordstrom | Shoes: Red Dress Boutique | Shirt: Red Dress Boutique

I’m glad I got the medium because it fits so much stuff and the size is just right for me. I think the large would have looked like a duffle bag on me! The MZ Wallace bags come in lots of different colors and prints, but I decided to go with black because it’s just timeless and will serve me well for a long time.

I love the bag and it fit perfectly under the plane seat. It really is super lightweight so you’re basically just carrying the weight of the contents inside. The only “bad” thing about this bag is the straps. I read a few reviews complaining that the straps don’t stay up. I can attest to this. The straps were constantly sliding off my shoulder. I don’t know why, they just can’t stay up! Other than that, I love the bag and I’m enjoying this gift to myself!

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