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Photo Challenge: Fray

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post is fray. The Daily Post suggested to take a picture of whatever the word “fray” would mean to you – whether it’s a frayed fabric or a fight that’s about to break out. I spent a few days thinking about what I could do for this challenge when the perfect “fray” came to mind.

If you don’t know, my full time profession is teacher. I bring a large tote bag with me to work every day during the school year that carries books, papers, my lunch, and other little things like pens, highlighters etc. The constant use and the fact that I’m usually packing it full of work (my own things and student work) obviously causes much wear and tear. In my full-time teaching career (not counting the few years before that were filled with subbing) I’ve gone through 2 Vera Bradley bags. The one I used for the past 2 years I still have, but I’m planning on replacing with something else when I go shopping later today. I remembered that the straps are beginning to fray and knew this would be the perfect picture to represent the word for me.




The frayed straps are a great representation for me because this bag reflects my work life. The bag carries much of my life September-June and after 2 years of use it is understandable that it would be worn out!

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