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A few weeks ago Mikasa Beauty reached out to me and offered me a really sweet discount code on their website plus a complimentary makeup sponge – their Lemon Drop sponge which retails for $10. I, a firm believer that you can never have too many makeup brushes, took them up on their offer and bought a small set of their oval brushes and redeemed my Lemon Drop.

Mikasa sells traditional makeup brushes as well, but since oval brushes have been all over social media in recent months I wanted to check them out.

Mikasa Brushes
Mikasa Brushes 1
Mikasa Oval Brush
Mikasa Lemon Drop
Mikasa Oval Brush 1

Mikasa calls their oval brush collection “Techni Brushes”. I got the 4 piece set which includes the medium sized oval brush which is perfect for foundation, the small sized oval brush which can be used for powders, cheek products like blush etc. And two tiny brushes – the circle brush and linear brush. The circle brush is perfect for concealing and the linear brush claims to be good for upper and lower lash lines, brows, etc.

I’ve only used the medium oval brush so far and I’ll be honest I was a little nervous at first just because it is so different than a normal brush. Just holding the brush seems weird like I’m going to brush my face off. I thought there would be more of a learning curve with this but it actually ended up being really easy to use. I wouldn’t say it’s better than a traditional makeup brush and I don’t love it enough to see myself replacing all my flat top or kabuki style brushes in favor of oval brushes, but I like it. It creates a really natural look and I saw no traces of streaking.

I will definitely be trying the Lemon Drop out soon and will write up a review on that.


I received these items complimentary and/or at a discounted price however all opinions are my own.

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