Snowy Backyard

This Winter

The past 2 days I’ve been home since school’s been closed due to snow/ice days. For those of you who are new to Life According to Jamie, my full time/day job is teaching. While I was off, I browsed through my phone and saw that I had quite a few short videos from this winter of the different little snowfalls we had. I took advantage of my extra free time and made a short video compilation of all the videos. An homage to winter 2016-2017 if you will. I’m hoping this winter weather is officially on its way out because as much as I kept saying I wanted a little more snow this winter, now I’m ready for spring.

Snowy Backyard
Snowy Trees

If you like these 2 snow filled photos above, I think you’ll like my video. Click below to watch. Enjoy!

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