Coloring Book for Grown Ups

By now I’m sure many of you have heard about the craze of adult coloring books or grown up coloring book. I make the distinction because when I mentioned “adult coloring books” to my co-workers a while back, they asked what exactly made these coloring books “adult”. So now I feel the need to clarify that these are just coloring books for grown ups! Anyway, by now you’ve probably heard of these since they are gaining popularity by the day it seems.

I first heard of them at the beginning of the summer. I don’t remember where exactly I heard of them, but I feel like I read an article somewhere about the rise of this childhood pastime for adults and how it was a great way to relax and unwind. Fast forward a few weeks and my cousin gifted me with my very own coloring book and all of a sudden I was seeing blog posts everywhere about them! They have become so popular that tons of coloring books for grownups exist now with all different themes. Castles, forests, flowers, you name it.

So why am I adding to the plethora of blog posts about these little gems? Well besides wanting to show off my “stellar” artwork, I wanted to share that I think coloring really does help to relax you and take your mind off things. Being a teacher is stressful. There are always a million things I need to get done, deadlines to meet, students and parents to talk to. While I don’t have a lot of free time to color in my coloring book, when I do find the time to even color just a few parts of a page it helps me forget about everything and just be creative.





Okay, so my coloring isn’t that creative – I’ve seen some amazing coloring jobs online, but honestly I don’t have the patience to be that intricate! These were hard enough for me to do without deciding to just scribble everywhere! As you can see, as you get further into the book, the designs get more detailed and complicated, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I have this thing about doing things in order so if I skipped around in the book, it would drive me crazy. Yeah, I’m weird.

Well that’s probably enough of me going on and on about coloring books. Maybe once I get to some of the more intricate designs I’ll post an update of my creative progress!

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