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Going back to work after a long weekend is not fun, but hopefully the week will go smoothly. This week and next week are going to be a bit hectic at work, but hopefully I’ll be able to manage without having a complete meltdown!

On to today’s post. I thought I’d share what scent I’ve been wearing lately and that is Chloé Eau de Parfum by Chloé.


I have the roller ball of this fragrance and it smells divine. I have a few other perfumes in my stash, but this is the one I’ve been using the most lately. The others smell amazing as well, but I tend to stick to one thing at a time to try to use it up first.

I am terrible at describing scents so I’m going to just use the description the brand uses:

Top notes of pink peony, freesia, and lychee embody subtle freshness. At the heart, midnotes of magnolia flower, lily of the valley, and rose rise to sublimated femininity. A base of velvety elegance comes to fruition through cedarwood, amber, and honey.

The notes are: Pink Peony, Freesia, Lychee, Magnolia Flower, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Cedarwood, Amber, Honey.

It is definitely a feminine smell, which I love. I know a lot of people change up their scents according to the seasons. For example, I know it’s popular for women to wear more musky scents in the cold weather, but I personally just like to wear whatever scents I enjoy smelling!

Another great thing about this perfume is that it really lasts. A lot of perfumes smell great but quickly fade. This perfume, however, really does last and even hours after application I can still smell it on my wrists!

I don’t know much about this french fashion house, but I do know that they have a winner in my book with this fragrance!

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