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RoC Skincare #ForYourAge

How many times have you received a compliment that had a qualifier or was essentially a backhanded compliment? Like, “You look so beautiful…for your age.” RoC Skincare has launched a campaign, #ForYourAge, to empower women to think twice before using the phrase “for your age”. You look great or beautiful or whatever – period.

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I’ve always been told I look really young and people who don’t know my age are always shocked to learn my real age. I can only hope my youthful looks will last me for a long time! As a teacher I have done a surprisingly amazing job of never revealing my age. At first I never told my students when they would ask me because I was so close in age to them, but years later and while I’m not “old” I’m not fond of getting older and don’t want them to know my real age. I recently did tell a few students my actual age because I decided to finally let go and just let it be. Own my age in other words. But, whenever I would tell people my real age they would always drop their jaws and say something along the lines of “No way”, “You look so young”, “You look good for your age“.

And for me, the backhanded compliments aren’t that bad since it’s mostly just in reference to the fact that people can’t believe I’m not as young as they thought. But, I know it happens to other women all the time and in manners that are not as kind. This campaign is so important because it makes us think twice and be more mindful about the words we use that we may not even realize. Women have it hard enough without tearing each other down whether or not we know we’re doing it. So let’s build each other up and be more mindful of what we say. Let’s all think twice before using #ForYourAge with a compliment again!

Thanks to RoC for this “Think Twice” buzzer as a reminder of the power of this campaign! You can also get involved with the RoC® #ForYourAge campaign by visiting

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