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    RoC Skincare #ForYourAge

    How many times have you received a compliment that had a qualifier or was essentially a backhanded compliment? Like, “You look so beautiful…for your age.” RoC Skincare has launched a campaign, #ForYourAge, to empower women to think twice before using the phrase “for your age”. You look great or beautiful or whatever – period. I’ve always been told I look really young and people who don’t know my age are always shocked to learn my real age. I can only hope my youthful looks will last me for a long time! As a teacher I have done a surprisingly amazing job of never revealing my age. At first I never…

  • Wakami Bracelets

    Wakami #DreamChaser

    Wakami is a great brand that I have recently learned about and begun to collaborate with. I it an international jewelry brand that helps to make a difference in the lives of women. The jewelry is handmade by women in Guatemala. The brand helps these women earn a sustainable wage and helps them set up and run their own business selling jewelry to Wakami. What a wonderful endeavor fresh off the heels of Women’s month in March and now we’re in the month of Mother’s Day. The voices and power of women are growing stronger and stronger and Wakami is helping! Wakami asked me to take part in their #DreamChaser…

  • Sweetspot Labs - Coconut Lime

    Sweetspot Labs

    Have you heard of Sweetspot Labs? The brand makes a line of products for women, by women of on-the-go wipettes and gentle washes. To celebrate the launch of their summer scent coconut lime exclusively sold at Walmart they were kind enough to send me a little summer box a few weeks ago made up of a pack of wipes, their wash, some fun coasters, and a cup with a little drink umbrella! Sweetspot Labs products are pH balanced so they’re made specifically with women’s bodies in mind. They’re gynecologist recommended and perfect to offer you a fresh, clean feeling. They’re made for your private areas in mind but they’re great for your…

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    Happy Saturday! Today, I’ve got a post for you that I’m pretty excited about. The super sweet Katie from Katiexthiesen asked me to participate in the Gilette Venus #UseYourAnd campaign to share some things that I am and…. Gilette Venus has this wonderful campaign going on to inspire women to share who/what they are because as much as society tries to fit us into categories and little boxes, we are much more than 1 thing. You can be a career woman and a mother. You can be pretty and smart. Check out the promo by the company. I really love this ad! So I have come up with some things I am and. I thought it would…