Happy Saturday! Today, I’ve got a post for you that I’m pretty excited about. The super sweet Katie from Katiexthiesen asked me to participate in the Gilette Venus #UseYourAnd campaign to share some things that I am and….

Gilette Venus has this wonderful campaign going on to inspire women to share who/what they are because as much as society tries to fit us into categories and little boxes, we are much more than 1 thing. You can be a career woman and a mother. You can be pretty and smart. Check out the promo by the company.

I really love this ad! So I have come up with some things I am and. I thought it would be fun to come up with things about me that also have opposites to show that I’m truly multidimensional as tons of others are out there.

It’s taken me a long time, but I can be laid back about things and relaxed. Not to be confused with giving up on things, but giving in to lettings things happen as they will. Especially when things are beyond my control, there’s no point in worrying over them.

let it be

And I’m still a worry wart. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t occasionally still get worried over things and anxiety ridden.


I am serious and hardworking. When I need something done, I need it done now and I become really focused.


And I also like being silly and enjoying time with my friends and family joking around and being carefree.


I love fashion and will use any excuse to dress up or wear something I think looks good.

Street Style Spring 2015


And I will change into yoga pants or sweatpants and a hoodie the first chance I get when I walk into my house.


I’m a teacher and I find it really rewarding to help shape young lives.


And I’m a learner. I want to soak in as much as I can from all over the world.


I’m social. I like to have plans, hang out with people, spend time having fun, having deep conversation, and/or being silly.


And I like being alone. Sometimes I’m an introvert and I really want to just be alone and not have to put the effort into socializing.


I care a lot about things and people that are important to me. Sometimes too much.


And some things are too trivial for me to waste my time on or I’ve been pushed to the point of not caring.


Lastly, I’m realistic and a logical thinker. I like knowing what exactly is going on and making sense of things.


And I’m a dreamer. I have huge dreams in my head of things I want to do and what I envision my life to be.

dreamerI really enjoyed coming up with things that I am and. With all of these things I came up with and their opposites, I don’t think I can fit into one box. Am I sloppy because all I want to wear at home are pajamas or sweat pants? Well, no because I like to dress cute to go out in public. Am I analytical with no imagination because I like to be logical and have answers? Well, I’m also creative and am a big dreamer. It’s so important to remind the world that we are many things and can’t be shoved into one category. I encourage all of you to give this a try and join in on the campaign! Let me know if you take part because I’d love to read about what you are and.

Thank you again to Katie for including me in this!

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