Photo Challenge: Afloat

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Afloat” and I have a little story for you about how I got this picture. Last Friday, I was on the road driving from Disney back to my cousins’ house in Georgia before my spring break officially ended and I was flying home the next day. On this 8-9 hour drive, which I blogged about –> here, I was killing some time by catching up on reading blog posts. While reading on my WordPress feed, I looked to see what the new photo challenge would be and saw that it was “Afloat”. I put my phone away and started brainstorming ideas. About 2 minutes later, as I’m looking out the car window, I notice this large cloud in the sky that is shaped like a heart! True story.  I grabbed my camera out of my bag and immediately snapped a picture and thought that it would be a perfect example for the challenge.

There’s a little bit of a reflection from the car window, but I don’t think it’s too noticeable. Or least not too distracting, in my opinion. Clouds are a good example of “afloat”, but a cloud that’s shaped like a heart? Even better!

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