Fall Decor: DIY Acorns

A few weeks ago I started searching on good ol’ Pinterest for easy fall home decor DIY projects. “Easy” being the operative word because my DIY craft skills are seriously limited. I really searched “easy fall decor DIY”. I came across this acorn craft that I thought was super cute so off to the craft store I went!

Now the website I found this on uses multicolored yarn for the body of the acorn and burlap for the top. Since I already had light and dark brown yarn at home, I decided to forgo the burlap. This decision was made easier because I couldn’t find dark brown burlap at the store!


All I bought at the store was this chevron print basket, egg shaped styrofoam, and round styrofoam balls. I already had the yarn and the hot glue gun.

What I love about the dark (well, it’s not really dark, it’s more like a medium brown) brown yarn is that glittery strands run through it.


I cut the the styrofoam ball in two, about 2/3 in. Then scooped out a bunch of the middle of the ball. I cut off the end of the egg shaped one. Those egg shaped ones are so tough to cut! I had a really hard time with those.



I wound the light brown or beige yarn around the egg shaped part and the sparkly darker brown yarn around the top. As I wound the yarn, I used my hot glue gun to glue the yarn in place. I would tell you to be careful of burning your fingers, but anyone who’s ever worked with a hot glue gun before knows that getting hot glue on yourself is just a fact of life.

Then, I placed some glue on the rims of both the top and bottoms and pressed them tightly together.

I put some yellow tissue paper in the basket and placed the 3 acorns I made into the basket.




The acorns turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself! It was indeed an easy DIY. The hardest part was cutting those egg shaped styrofoam thingies. Feel free to share any other DIY home decor crafts you have! The easier, the better!



  1. Sharon

    Happy fall, Jamie! I’m so happy to see that you were inspired by the Yarn Acorns on Crafts ‘n Coffee! Yours are beautiful. I can see that your eggs are molded polystyrene foam and not STYROFOAM Brand Foam, and that’s why they were so hard to cut. The molded product is much more dense and hard to cut, pick, etc. Good for you for making it work! Enjoy your lovely creations!

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