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Floral Pleated Maxi Skirt

We’re almost to the weekend! I can’t wait to get some extra sleep because I’m feeling pretty run down this week.

So what do you do when the temperature changes throughout the day, ranging from very warm to cool in a matter of hours? Wearing layers is the obvious answer, but you could also do what I did a few weekends ago and wear a sleeveless top with a maxi skirt. I decided to wear a ribbed tank top with a very full, maxi skirt.




This pleated floral maxi skirt from LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s has more layers than you would think hence why I said it was a very full skirt. With all the layers, it definitely has weight to it and kept my legs warm when it got a bit cool during the day. Pairing it with a sleeveless top worked well when it got toasty out.




I love the colors in this maxi skirt and the pleating makes it even prettier in my opinion. The navy blue is the perfect background color to these florals and the navy blue elastic band to the skirt adds the perfect finishing touch. As I said above, there are quite a few layers to this skirt and I love the swish swish sound it makes when I walk. It’s the little things!

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