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Photo Challenge: Happy Place

We made it to Friday! Now just got to get through this work day and then I can officially say “Fri-yay”. This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post could not have come at a better time. The challenge this past week was “Happy Place”. I mentioned yesterday and earlier in the week that things have been hectic lately so imagining my happy place is a very welcome photo challenge!

What I’ve chosen as my happy place is not the kind of place that I can go to whenever I want to unfortunately.


Besides being home and/or with loved ones, my favorite place on earth is Hawaii. I’ve spoken about my love for Hawaii a few times on this blog so hopefully no one’s sick of me mentioning it! Hawaii is my happy place because it is so beautiful and relaxing there. The food is always amazing and the people are so friendly. This particular photo was taken in Maui a few years ago and I remember I was particularly happy and feeling good when I took this picture. It was a gorgeous day as you can see and I was kicking back on a lounger on the lush grass. A line of palm trees were ahead of me and the ocean just beyond the trees. Behind me was one of the hotel pools. And I had just come back from a luxurious hour at the hotel spa where I got a massage and took advantage of the complimentary spa amenities like the different baths.

Everything about this picture from the exact place I was to that exact afternoon is a great representation of my happy place. Not every day of my days in Hawaii were full of luxury or pampering, but this picture just embodies my happy place! Hawaii is a place I have visited on more than one occasion and I can’t wait to return.

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