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Glitzy Ball Pendant

Sometimes the simplest thing can actually change or enhance an entire look. For example, a seemingly simple or far from fancy accessory or piece of jewelry can sometimes actually do a lot more for an outfit than we may give credit considering its size.

This glitzy, glittery, spherical pendant is exactly one of those underestimated items. The ball pendant sits on a long chain and has sparkly crystals encrusted on it to give it that extra glam touch.


I got this necklace on sale at the Banana Republic Factory Store during the summer and it’s such a fun piece. I love that it’s not elaborate or too busy, which in my opinion makes it much more versatile. It would work with a sweater and jeans just as easily as it worked with the work outfit I paired it with recently.



On a rack at a store, some people might pass this piece without a second thought because it may not stand out as much as other necklaces. But I think that this necklace does a great job of standing out and doing a surprisingly good job of proving that sometimes the simplest things can pack a punch!

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