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I first saw earrings that looked like gift bows not this past Christmas, but the Christmas before. They were Kate Spade earrings and so cute! Unfortunately, by the time I saw them they were sold out. But, then a few months later I saw a similar pair from Red Dress Boutique so I had to grab them!

I wore the earrings to work last week and decided to snap a few photos so you can see the cuteness for yourself. I wore the silver gift bow earrings with a sparkly blue sweater and grey satin-y bow on the shoulder. So this outfit was kind of bows on bows.

Giftbow EarringGiftbow Earring 1Giftbow Earring 2Giftbow Earring 3Giftbow Earring 4Giftbow Earring 5

Top: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s  | Earrings: Red Dress Boutique

The earrings are the perfect size. They aren’t too big and heavy, but are big enough to be seen.

My ears get easily irritated by earrings so I’m pretty selective about them. I’m happy to share that these earrings don’t bother my ears at all. They aren’t itchy or heavy, which is great because I can wear them whenever!

Enjoy your Sunday! I’ll be relaxing and then watching the Oscars!

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