• Too Faced & MAC holiday


    Holiday Beauty Gift Guide 2019

    I used to be obsessed with getting limited edition holiday beauty items. They were just all so cute! But over time, I became more realistic – I don’t really need all those limited edition products and I don’t need to spend all my money on them. So in recent years I pick out just one or a few things that I really really want and think I can get a lot of use out of. I picked up 2 holiday beauty items during Black Friday from Ulta. I had my eye on a few Too Faced holiday items – they always have the cutest holiday sets – but I ultimately decided…

  • MAC Snow Ball


    MAC Snow Ball

    It’s that time of year again where beauty brands are pumping out their holiday collections. Holiday packaging and sets are usually really beautiful and/or cute and fun and hard to resist. I wrote about this last year, I think, but I used to spend so much money on holiday sets and while I still like to indulge and treat myself to some holiday beauty pieces, I have really cut back in the past 2 years. When MAC released images of their Snow Ball holiday collection I knew I wanted to definitely get something from it and one of those things had to be one of the powders because the snowflake…