• Olive Floral Jumpsuit

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    Olive Floral Jumpsuit

    It was hot yesterday and it’s going to be hot today too! In the 80s, but I haven’t turned my air conditioning on yet because it’s going to be back in the 50s-60s next week. Am I crazy or does that make sense to you too? But with this weird hot and cold weather, I wore this olive green floral jumpsuit the other day. It’s so comfortable and fits so well! I love the square neckline – so trendy and flattering. This jumpsuit is perfect for the up and down weather because it’s sleeveless and lightweight for the warm weather and you can easily wear a cardigan like I did…

  • Denim Jumpsuit & Coin Toggle Necklace

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    Denim Jumpsuit + Toggle Coin Necklace

    Yesterday was a long day at work with Back to School Night until 8 so I’m hoping today is nice and quick. I’ve had family in town this week and so last weekend we went out to dinner. I wore a denim jumpsuit and my new (to me) toggle coin necklace that has the Greek god Eros on it. Eros is son of Ares and Aphrodite and the Roman equivalent is Cupid, so that’s cool! I decided to wear brown strappy sandals and curled my hair so I felt like I had that 70s vibe going on! Jumpsuit: Abercrombie & Fitch | Sandals: DSW (here) | Necklace: The Styled Collection…

  • Warm Saffron Jumpsuit

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    Warm Saffron Smocked Jumpsuit

    Monday again and this time a full week of work since last week was just a 4 day week. I’m hoping to get the ball rolling on my multiple home projects this week so I can start to see an end in sight – even if it’s in the distance. I don’t mind if things take a while to get done as long as I know they’re getting done, if you that makes sense. The weather here has been really nice. Not hot, but not cold. Just really pleasant. I think we’re supposed to get some rain this week, but hopefully it’s nothing too bad. This smocked jumpsuit is the…

  • Grey Racerback Jumpsuit

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    Grey Racerback Jumpsuit

    You guys know I love mixing comfort with style. If I can look stylish while feeling like I’m wearing pajamas I am all for it. This grey racerback jumpsuit is just that. I got it a while ago, but am just getting around to sharing it on here now. The jumpsuit fits perfectly and it’s not too long on me which can be an issue sometimes since I’m petite. But the hem of the pants has an elastic cuff so you can adjust accordingly. I kept it simple and just did a pop of color on my wrist with a Victoria Emerson cuff. This is my only cuff from the…

  • Wide Leg Chambray Jumpsuit

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    Wide Leg Chambray Jumpsuit + Sprinkle Clutch

    Months and months ago I got a few pieces from a limited edition makeup collaboration between the Museum of Ice Cream and Sephora. I wrote about it (here). I remember thinking “Why would they release such a fun, summery collaboration in the fall?” because it was so clearly more of a summer collaboration. In any case I did buy the brush set and the cheek set. The brush set I purely got because of the sprinkle clutch! Um, a plastic box clutch filled with sprinkles? It’s a no brainer! I mean, come on, look how fun and adorable it is! I took a photo and sent it to Lauren, my…

  • Asymmetrical Jumpsuit

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    Asymmetrical Jumpsuit

    Over the weekend I went to my cousin’s wedding and while I always wear dresses to formal functions I decided that this time I’d go with a jumpsuit. I must be on a formal jumpsuit roll because I wore a jumpsuit to chaperone prom (I wore this one that I wore to my friend’s bridal shower last year) last week too. Originally, I bought a dress for this wedding, but when it arrived it didn’t fit at all, so I was on the hunt for something last minute. Well, by last minute (for me) I mean 3 weeks ago. I came across this navy blue jumpsuit with an asymmetrical fold…

  • Tiger Lily Jumpsuit

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    Tiger Lily Jumpsuit

    Last Saturday I went in to the city for a New York Fashion Week launch party for an upcoming fashion app. I’m going to write all about that in a few days, but today I’m sharing what I wore! Since it was New York Fashion Week, I wanted to look fashionable of course! My pre-order of this tiger lily jumpsuit from Vici came just in time. The jumpsuit has a pretty floral design all over – very fall like! It’s satiny feeling and has leg slits and ties at the ankles. So comfortable and stylish! I had to pin the top closed as it opens all the way. Since the…

  • Striped Jumpsuit

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    Cropped Striped Jumpsuit

    If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you know I love jumpsuits. Although my love for jumpsuits is nothing new I’ve never worn a jumpsuit to work – until last week that is! I realized that some jumpsuits are definitely appropriate for me to wear to work if styled correctly and who doesn’t want to feel like they’re wearing pajamas at work? This jumpsuit has cropped legs and brown and black stripes. Well, I think it’s black – in some lights it looks a little navy! There are buttons down the front and pockets as well. The straps are adjustable which is always nice. Since it’s low…

  • Stripe Tie Front Jumpsuit

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    Striped Tie Front Jumpsuit

    I love a good jumpsuit. I think they’re so easily dressed up or down and instantly make you look more chic. This vertical striped jumpsuit with a tie front is so stylish. I love the dark blue and vertical stripes. It gives it a business-y look but then you’ve got the tie front at the chest and spaghetti straps and it gives it a night out/going out vibe. The wide pant legs in the jumpsuit are also on trend. I paired this jumpsuit with my bright pink wedges for 2 reasons. 1) I love the pop of color. 2) I needed wedges since the jumpsuit is so long! Jumpsuit: Express |…

  • Lace Panel Jumpsuit + Arlo Lariat

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    Plum Lace Panel Jumpsuit + Arlo Lariat

    Guys, I spent so much time yesterday after work searching through my room and house trying to figure out what I did with a gift I bought for my bestie’s birthday. Don’t worry, I already texted her saying I couldn’t find part of her gift so this isn’t giving it away if she reads this. I ordered it a while ago and remember getting it and setting it aside so I could try on a few dresses I had ordered for the gazillion weddings I’m going to this spring. And then I don’t remember what happened to it after that. I’m hoping I didn’t accidentally throw it out because it’s…