Olive Floral Jumpsuit
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Olive Floral Jumpsuit

It was hot yesterday and it’s going to be hot today too! In the 80s, but I haven’t turned my air conditioning on yet because it’s going to be back in the 50s-60s next week. Am I crazy or does that make sense to you too?

But with this weird hot and cold weather, I wore this olive green floral jumpsuit the other day. It’s so comfortable and fits so well! I love the square neckline – so trendy and flattering. This jumpsuit is perfect for the up and down weather because it’s sleeveless and lightweight for the warm weather and you can easily wear a cardigan like I did in some of these photos for the chillier weather. I wore this a few days ago and wore the sweater most of the day when it was chilly in my condo during my work day. But by the time I got off work around 4, it was much warmer and I was comfortable without it.

Olive Floral JumpsuitOlive Floral Jumpsuit 1Olive Floral Jumpsuit 2Olive Floral Jumpsuit 3Olive Floral Jumpsuit 4Olive Floral Jumpsuit 5Olive Floral Jumpsuit 6Olive Floral Jumpsuit 7Olive Floral Jumpsuit 8Olive Floral Jumpsuit 9Olive Floral Jumpsuit 10Olive Floral Jumpsuit 11Olive Floral Jumpsuit 12Olive Floral Jumpsuit 13Olive Floral Jumpsuit 14Olive Floral Jumpsuit 15

Jumpsuit: Old Navy (here) | Sweater: LOFT

The jumpsuit is still available at Old Navy and is on sale for $19 right now!

With or without the sweater, I love this jumpsuit with it’s color combo, white floral pattern, and fit.

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