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Stripes + Lace Accents

Bold stripes are nice, but sometimes really subtle ones are nice too. What I mean by subtle stripes is ones where the stripes are close in color hence the stripes being subtle since the colors aren’t so starkly contrasting.

In the top I’m sharing today, the stripes are off-white and a very light grey or almost dirty white color. To add even more interest to this top, there are lace accents at the shoulders and bottoms of the sleeves. I love lace accents and the ones on this top are pretty much what sold me on this piece.

Stripes & Lace Top
Stripes & Lace Top 1
Stripes & Lace Top 2
Stripes & Lace Top 3
Stripes & Lace Top 4

I love the wide stripes in this LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s top. In my opinion, wide stripes are much more casual looking. As mentioned above, the colors of the strips are not vastly different which helps go with the easy-going look. In comparison, the lace accents actually offer a pop of color to the sweater because they are so brightly white.

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