Pink Republic - Drawstring Dress
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Patterned Drawstring Dress

It’s August, which I’m not particularly happy about because it means summer is that much  closer to coming to an end. It’s also my birthday month, which I’m not too excited about, but maybe I’ll change my mind about that. I’ve got a few weeks!

When it comes to every day summer-wear I like to be as comfortable as possible. Well, I like to be as comfortable as possible during all seasons, but especially in summer since it gets pretty hot and humid here. But just because I don’t have to put together something nice to wear every day for work during the summer (I’m a teacher for any of my new readers!) doesn’t mean I want to wear house clothes every day that I’m not out and about. House clothes meaning the things we wear at home because they’re nice and comfy and might not even match and you probably get a week’s worth of wears out of the items before washing them. Don’t judge me, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

In any case, I like to be comfortable while still looking put together even when I’ve got no plans to be seen in public. On most days. I have my lazy days too. This patterned drawstring dress fits right into the comfy but stylish category. I really think dresses like this, which are effortless, are the kinds of basic pieces that are essential in any wardrobe. It requires no styling whatsoever and is so lightweight and breathable making it perfect for summer. The pattern takes care of everything for you.

Pink Republic - Drawstring Dress 1
Pink Republic - Drawstring Dress
Pink Republic - Drawstring Dress 2
Pink Republic - Drawstring Dress 3
Pink Republic - Drawstring Dress 4
Pink Republic - Drawstring Dress 7
Pink Republic - Drawstring Dress 6
Pink Republic - Drawstring Dress 5
Dress: Pink Republic via Kohl’s | Sandals: Target | Necklace: c/o Modern Design Inc.

Like mentioned above, there really is no need to do anything more to this casual pocket front drawstring dress, but I did feel like accessorizing just a little bit anyway. I wore teal sandals to bring out some of the green/blue in the print and I wore my Peace necklace .

A simple dress like this reminds me of blogger Keira Lennox. Do any of you follow her? She is the queen of staple pieces and making all the basics look amazing! I wish I bought this dress in all the prints so I could live in them.

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