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Restyled: Lace Kimono + Patterned Swing Dress

Just 2 days left to the school year! I can’t believe it! I’m hustling to get all my grading and work done, but so far so good. I’ll finally be able to breathe next week once everything is all done and I go back to work to finish packing up my classroom.

In the meantime, today I’m sharing this restyling of a lace kimono and patterned swing dress. Both items are old, but I saw them hanging near each other in my closet the other day and thought they would look great together.

Swing Dress + Lace KimonoSwing Dress + Lace Kimono 1Swing Dress + Lace Kimono 2Swing Dress + Lace Kimono 3Swing Dress + Lace Kimono 4Swing Dress + Lace Kimono 5Swing Dress + Lace Kimono 6Swing Dress + Lace Kimono 7Swing Dress + Lace Kimono 8Swing Dress + Lace Kimono 9Swing Dress + Lace Kimono 10Swing Dress + Lace Kimono 11Swing Dress + Lace Kimono 12Swing Dress + Lace Kimono 13

Dress: Old Navy | Sandals: Target

My lace kimono was a birthday or Christmas gift a few years ago and I don’t remember where it’s from. My patterned swing dress is from Old Navy though. I’m linking to similar items below and I’ve rounded up 4 really pretty lace kimonos!

I love putting together items that I previously wore separately or differently and making them work together. That’s the fun of clothes!



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