The Joys of Taking On a Challenge


Everybody should try to take on challenges in their lives, so what stops them? There are many reasons people do not seek the challenges the world has to offer. Whether it’s fear, laziness, a lack of time, or just not knowing what is available, they miss out on a range of moments that can help you become the person you were always destined to be. Part of life is finding ways to improve who you are, and becoming confident with yourself, and you won’t be able to do that unless you challenge yourself. If you still feel nervous, here are three joys that will come from taking on a challenge. 


You Learn More About Yourself
It’s always important to learn more about yourself in life. Staying in the same position and the same scenario for too long risks you stagnating, and you could even regress. By putting yourself in unfamiliar and terrifying situations, you will learn how you can cope when you are out of your comfort zone. 

Learning how you act is a fantastic way to evaluate who you are, and it can make you realize that you have strengths you never considered. It will also give you the chance to learn more about your weaknesses, and this gives you areas to improve on for the next challenge. 


You Can Face Your Fears
If you spend all your life sitting on your sofa in the same town you were born, the world can feel like a vast and scary (and vastly scary) place. Challenging yourself will teach you that the world is not as terrifying as you once thought, especially if you take steps to face your fears and overcome what makes you anxious. 

If you’re scared of heights, then do zip-lining or skydiving. If you feel out of shape, push yourself to run a half marathon. If you feel like you’re not doing enough with your life, take on a project like writing a book, learning an instrument, renovating a house, dealing with wildlife removal and fixing the place up all by yourself.


You Feel You Can Do Anything
In the immediate days and weeks leading up to your challenge, you are apprehensive. You worry that you are not good enough. You panic that you will make a fool of yourself and fail. These feelings are natural, but also fleeting, and once you overcome the challenge, you will feel like a brand new person. 

Indeed, you will find that you feel like you can do anything you put your mind to. Maybe you’ve completed a 5-day hike to Machu Picchu. Perhaps you’ve quit drinking. Whatever it is, you have proven to yourself that you can do it, and you will have the confidence to take on whatever life throws at you. 


When’s The Next Challenge
Challenging yourself can be stressful, difficult, and there will be more than a few times where you want to give up. However, once you come out the other side, you will find yourself with renewed confidence, and fresh vigor for life, so don’t be surprised if you start planning the next challenge as soon as you can, because now you feel nothing can stop you. 

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