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Buffalo Check Off-the-Shoulder

It’s back to work for me today. It’s supposed to be a shorter day for us since the students don’t come back until tomorrow, so I’m hoping today will be a nice way to ease back in to work. Nice being a relative term. On a happier and lighter note, I’m sharing a really cute buffalo check or plaid off-the shoulder top today. It’s actually the last look I shot with Lauren for our holiday shoot. I saved it for last because while it is red and can definitely be worn for holiday-wear it isn’t as Christmas-y as the bow brooch or plaid cape that I also wore for the shoot.

I wore it with a black bralette since it slouches to one side, black jeans, and black UGGs.


Top: The Pink Lily Boutique | Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Boots: UGG

I love these shots, especially the ones inside the cafe. It was a little bit awkward because people were probably wondering what the heck we were doing, but oh well! I also have to commend Lauren for her dedication, laying in booths to get the perfect shots at times!

This top is so soft and is almost a fleece-y material. So cozy and warm despite being off-the-shoulder.

That concludes my holiday shoot looks. At the end of the month we’re planning to do a winter shoot so I can’t wait to start putting together some cozy looks for that!

If you’re back to work like me today, good luck!

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