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Heart Shaped Resin Earrings

I hope your week is off to a good start! I’ve been so busy with work and things so I’ve been pretty tired. And then it takes me twice as long to get work done because I’m tired so I work slower. Like at night I’ll be sitting on my couch with the tv on, trying to get some work done and I’ll keep falling asleep. So what should take me 15 minutes ends up taking me an hour. It’s a vicious cycle.

Anyway, I have a quick and pretty post for you today. When I saw these heart shaped resin drop earrings making their rounds around social media I loved them. And actually I didn’t see them too much so I really wanted them because they were so pretty, fun, different, and not everywhere. Amanda from Pardon Muah had them and I asked her if they were heavy because I don’t like heavy earrings and she said they weren’t super lightweight but not heavy either. So that made me want them more and then I saw that Shopbop was selling them for 20% off so I finally got them!

The colors were limited on the Shopbop website, but Baublebar has a few different colors. I have the tortoise shell ones and I love them! The tortoise shell design has that marbled look and it’s got some pink in the coloring which makes it so pretty.

Gigi Resin Drop EarringsGigi Resin Drop Earrings 1Gigi Resin Drop Earrings 2Gigi Resin Drop Earrings 3Gigi Resin Drop Earrings 4Gigi Resin Drop Earrings 5

Earrings: Baublebar  via Shopbop (here) | Sweater: Express | Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s

I love the heart shape of these earrings. So cute! They really aren’t heavy and I’m sensitive to heavy earrings so if I don’t think they’re bad then they really aren’t.

Since there’s some pink in the earrings I thought they would look really cute with this pink corset tie sweater. I’m so happy I got these earrings and even happier I got them on sale!

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