• Magic Kingdom - Main Street Christmas
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    Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

    Since I wrote about Hawaii in my photo challenge response last week I didn’t want to talk about it again this week for “Favorite Place” even though Hawaii is one of my favorites places on earth. Instead, I decided to use a photo from another place I love – Disney World! I went to Disney World this past December and while I’ve been there a handful of times before this was the first time I’ve gone at Christmas time and it was as magical as I had been anticipating. Magic Kingdom is my favorite – it’s just so magical and when you’re there (or at least when I’m there) it really…

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    Photo Challenge: Growth

    It’s Friday and a 3-day weekend is upon us! Do you guys have any plans? For last week’s photo challenge on The Daily Post, they challenged participants to share a photo that represented “Growth“. The first idea that comes to mind is a plant or something growing. I decided not to go with that and use a photo from my Disney vacation during the holidays. If you follow my blog regularly then you may have already seen this photo from when I was at Magic Kingdom and saw the fireworks. I love fireworks and I always love trying to capture photos of them. This photo of the fireworks shooting up…

  • Magic Kingdom - Main Street Christmas

    Disney Vacation – Day 4: Magic Kingdom

    I can’t believe it’s 2018! That just sounds crazy! I’ve been away the past week and arriving back home on New Year’s Eve really has me turned around. Yesterday didn’t feel like New Year’s Eve since I was traveling so today being New Year’s day feels a bit weird. But anyway, on to today’s post. The other day, I mentioned that Magic Kingdom is indeed magical. The most magical of all the Disney parks, in my opinion. So on Friday, we spent the entire day at Magic Kingdom. It was our last Disney day as the following day I’d be going to Universal, purely for the Wizarding World of Harry…

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    Disney Vacation Day 3: Magic Kingdom & Epcot

    If you’ve been to Disney World and especially if you’re fan I think you’ll understand what I mean when I say there’s a certain feeling of magic and wonder when you first walk through the gates of Magic Kingdom. It is the happiest place on earth after all! The music starts right away, the decorations are everywhere and you make your way to Main Street which feels like a dream world with the iconic Cinderella Castle greeting you at the end of the street. On Day 3 we spent a few hours at Magic Kingdom before spending the rest of the day at Epcot. We didn’t have any FastPasses for…

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    Going Out With an Electric Parade

    You know you’ve spent a long day at Magic Kingdom when the workers say “Good Morning!” to you as you exit the park. Okay, I wasn’t there that late, but I did leave around 12:45AM so it was a long day and I thought t was funny that they would say good morning. Yesterday was our last day at Disney and we wanted to squeeze out as much Disney goodness as possible. It was a good day, but not without it’s little frustrations and annoyances as often happens when you’re tired, hot, and your feet hurt from walking and standing in lines all day. The day had great highs (Space Mountain amongst…